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Troy Patterson

Director/ Business Advisor

With many years of experience in the music industry. Troy Patterson established a solid record of accomplishments developing new talent, creating marketing and promotion strategies, maximizing new business for artists and producers.

Demonstrates expertise in the development of production and publishing companies as well as independent record labels.

Develop, Marketing and Promotions

• Provide artist development training including preparing artists vocally for studio sessions, corporate meetings, performances, and media
• Create and execute marketing plans for artist and producers
• Create alternative marketing and promotional outlets for all projects
• Help record labels and artists minimize overhead costs and maximize operational efficiency

Karl Higgins

Director/ Technical Manager

Karl is our show technology expert, providing solutions and support for live productions and venue events. He has a deep working knowledge of production technologies including Audio, Video, Lighting, IP Networking, Show Control, Automation, Staging, and Special Effects systems. This person has a well-rounded technical expert working in partnership with other technical managers and serves as a liaison between creative, technical, and design departments.


Karl supports the specific needs of our productions and his responsibilities include systems design, integration, and technical operating budgets. 


Karl brings innovation and passion to work on a daily basis. He manages manpower, and resources in conjunction with production and operational needs, maintaining a high level of efficiency and foresight for each production.

Ruby Rodrigez
Director/ Creative Operations

Ajantha manages the internal creative resources of the firm developing materials and campaigns to oversee the execution of marketing and production for television, radio, publishing, web-based infrastructure, talent, and other printed collateral.

Additionally, Ajantha oversees the strategic development of both mass and direct marketing campaigns and materials in conjunction with external agency partners.

Oversee final stages of all audio related projects.

Tony Benjamin possesses the skill sets that artists demand. He is a talented musician, producer, music director, songwriter, and arranger who has worked with legendary performers such as Aretha Franklin and the late Grover Washington Jr.


He has served as Production Manager for many artists on numerous broadcast television shows such as The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Late Night w/ David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, and The Oprah Show as well as concert tours both domestically and internationally.


Tony has recorded with several top artists such as Will Smith, L.L. Cool J., Jay- Z, Mario, Nelly, and 98 Degrees to name a few. He has also produced records for Mary J. Blige, 112, and New Direction





Ruby plays a critical role in defining, driving and managing the creative process with our teams PR, Sponsorship, Account Management and Production teams.


She has an intimate understanding of all inter-departmental disciplines and functions, you will implement existing process and identify opportunities to improve it while managing expectations and building stellar relationships with agency teams. 


Working in partnership with the Senior Strategy Director, Ruby leads creative resourcing, including the development and management of estimates, timelines and high priority projects.

Micheal Yorky
Director/ Operations Services

Michael oversees the overall operations of the company.
He has been a music business consultant and marketing professional with deep roots in the entertainment industry.


His experience has been honed by building multimillion-dollar artist brands, managing global marketing departments, creating game-changing digital media strategies, and initiating non-traditional, integrated marketing campaigns. In turn, he has helped to guide and advance the careers of some of the most well-known talent in the business 




Gary Marret
Director/ Creative Technologies 

Gary is not a traditional project manager. He knows that the role of managing projects at this level of creativity and technology is not well-defined. 


His responsibilities include management of our project teams which consists of experts in cameras, sound, data management, image science, editorial, color grading, VFX, virtual production, animation, and much more.


There are those particular set of skills he has that allows him to completely understand the studio and production space in use and its challenges.

Lindsey Sutton
Director/ Visual Content

Lindsey runs the day-to-day operations of our visual feature production business.

She works closely with filmmakers and producers on our music videos, including soliciting original projects, supervising creative development and production, sourcing acquisition and collaborating with our marketing and communications groups on necessary production requirements. 


Lindsey a seasoned and experienced executive who has deep relationships in the creative community and expert knowledge of all aspects of the production environment. 




Harry Simmons
Director/ Strategy 
Emma Stanford
Director/ Account Services

Harry is a globally savvy, self-motivated, person who has the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities while placing a strong emphasis on organization. 


He is valued as a creative problem solver with great judgement and thrive in this fast-paced environment. Harry understands what it takes to be truly collaborative, and is always excited to take on a new challenge 


As Strategy Director, he defines drive efficiency and innovation needed in our ever-evolving global production environment.  



Emma is our account service representative.




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