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Showtime Solutions Group is here to help you achieve your goals 

by supplying the perfect crew to support your production requirements.


Touring, TV-Shows, Commercials, we are able to provide you with the top of the line personnel globally.



Showtime Solutions Group offers unmatched global support for any size concert tours, including state-of-the-art facilities. Our people are among the most experienced in the industry, with extensive touring backgrounds.

We specialize in finding the right suppliers and crew, taking care of all touring necessities. This includes everything from budgets, itineraries, and necessary implementation before, during, and after tour dates.

We book flights, hotels, transportation, catering, sound reinforcement systems, lighting, backline.

We are experienced in tour logistics around the world and have extensive experience in the organization of freight and foreign taxation administration.

We will give you various options so you can choose the right package to suit your needs within your budget.


Television Productions

Showtime Solutions has crewed multiple Television/ Broadcast productions since 1999.

We initially supplied audio crews eventually branching off into full production staff for sitcoms, dramas, and in-studio events worldwide.

TDs, Audio Mixers,  Floor Managers, Lighting Directors, Camera Operators, and Utilities. We work with the very best crew to make your production outstanding.

Our extensive database of talented personnel allows us to be able to locate the perfect individual you require at a moment's notice.

Everyone has been hand-picked by us, so you'll be assured that you are dealing with talented, reliable industry professionals.


No project is too big or too small and no challenge is too great.

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